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Shadi Academy Child Care & DayCare San Jose CA 95118 Shadi Academy Child Care & DayCare San Jose CA 95118 Shadi Academy Child Care & DayCare San Jose CA 95118

"Excellent Learning"

Daily Program

Shadi Academy Child Care offers age appropriate year-round curriculum to promote growth and help prepare for a lifetime of success. It is our goal to grow children's intellectual and physical capabilities from infancy to school age through offering multi-cultural activities.

Infant Activities

Washing Hands and Breakfast
Baby Games, Singing Song, Counting Book, Body Exercise, Tunnel, Crawling and Exploring
Changing Diaper, Washing Hands Morning Nap
Out Door, Enjoying Fresh Air, Swinging, Slide, Moving by Stroller or Wagon,
Babble play, teeter totter, play car, play ball
Washing Hands, Lunch
Changing Diaper, Soft Books, Bright Color Books, Puppets, Finger Play Song,
Crawling and Exploring
Afternoon Nap
Changing Diaper, Washing hands, Snack
Music Instrument, Baby Toys, (Different: Shapes, Colors, Sizes Textures) Crawling and Exploring, Riding Toys, Table Toys
Changing Diaper

*Materials that support their physical, social and cognitive growth.


Toddler and preschool activities

Washing Hands and Breakfast
Indoor Playing (Puzzles, Blocks, Discover Toys)
Art Project
Circle Time and Daily Theme (Language Art, Math, Science)
Body Exercise, (Dance, Music)
Outdoor Playing
Washing Hands & lunch Time
Toilet and Changing Diaper, Brushing Teeth, Washing Hands
Quiet Time
Toilet and Changing Diaper, Washing Hands & Snack Time
Reading Time, Group Activities
Geography, History