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"Exceptional Care"

Parent Testimonials

Children graduating from Shadi Academy Child Care at age 5 compete, with first grade children in math, language art, reading, writing, history, geography, science, and art. Our parents are always overjoyed with the success of their children.
Below are sample letters written by the parents. The original letters with names and signatures of the parents are on file for viewing.

Dear Fereshteh:

It has been a great pleasure for us and our children to be educated and trained at Shadi Academy since 1995. Ashkon is the second child in our family to go to Shadi Academy. Both of our children have been well trained academically and socially and we owe this to Fereshteh. When Manoosh had interviewed for pre-school, the principle was so surprised for quantity of knowledge Manoosh had for her little age. Fereshteh is one of the best providers and we strongly recommend her facility to families looking for a child care center for their children.

Life moves on and so does Ashkon's. It is going to be hard for him and for us to leave Shadi Academy. My daughter still misses Fereshteh a lot, and so does Ashkon. Ashkon's last day is June 17th in Shadi Academy. It is really hard to say goodbye to this great facility, we want to thank you as parents of Manoosh and Ashkon.

Thank you for taking care of our young children. Your work is critical to our children's success. Every hand you hold, every discovery you help children to make and every problem you help children to solve in a peaceful way contributes to the success of their development and the success of our society. These sound like such little insignificant things, but it is the little things that make a difference in our world. If only each parent could spend a day with you they would understand what an important role you play in their children's success before they even enter public school. Infant, toddler and preschool development is the foundation for all learning to come. Yet you earn one of the lowest salaries of anyone in our society.

As for your contribution to society, you are a key player. Because you are there to care for children, their parents can go to work. Just think for a moment what would happen if one workday all childcare centers were closed. You keep our economy going and you have become a basic need for most families!

Thank you again for all you do, and know that there are many people who value you and your dedication to children.

Mojgan and Hamid Maesumi

Dear Fereshteh,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the peace of mind I have had for the past 8 years knowing you were taking such wonderful care of Matthew and Michael.

Like most people in this valley I needed to go back to work and was at a loss as to whom I could trust to take care of my children with the love and attention they needed. At the recommendation of a family friend I happened upon you and Shadi Academy in 1996. My children and I have been rewarded with an amazing experience with someone whom we will always consider a member of our family.

In the event you would like to use it, I would like to give the below recommendation to Shadi Academy.

My oldest son attended Shadi Academy until starting Pre-K. He attends a private school and to the credit of Freshteh, was very well prepared to handle the curriculum that was required of him. Michael was my firstborn and because of this I was very protective of him and was hesitant to leave him with someone other than family. Fereshteh made me feel right at ease and in part I credit her with the fantastic person Michael has become today.

When I had my second child Matthew, It was obvious who would be able to give him the love and attention he deserved. Matthew has been loved and cared for by Fereshteh since he was 8 weeks old. He is so well mannered, caring and smart and I again owe so much of this to Fereshteh.

Matthew turned 5 in July and will be leaving Shadi Academy to start Kindergarten at his new school. Originally I had decided to enroll him in Pre-K at this new school, this way we would be able to bypass having him tested to enter Kindergarten. After realizing the fantastic curriculum that Shadi Academy had in place for Pre-K students I felt comfortable leaving him in such capable hands. Matthew tested for Kindergarten at his new school in June of 2004, and they were extremely impressed with his knowledge and abilities.

He has already asked to stay at Fereshtehs' on the days he has off from Kindergarten.

I know it may seem exaggerated, but in all honesty I recommend Fereshteh and Shadi Academy with all my and my children's heart. We will miss Fereshteh terribly.

With much much love and appreciation.
Elisha, James, Michael and Matthew

Dear Fereshteh,

It is with both excitement and sadness that we write this letter. Eleanor's last day at Shady Academy will be Friday, August 11, 2006. We are excited that she is moving onto Kindergarten, at the same time we are sad to leave such a wonderful establishment that is your center.

Eleanor has been with you since 2 years old. She has grown from a toddler with limited English vocabulary (her first language is Chinese) to a child who can read and write beyond her age level under your care. We thank you for what you have taught her academically. We are proud of her accomplishments.

While she is at your center, we never have to worry about her well being. She has received loving care emotionally as well as nutritious meals daily. We thank you for the care that made her grow into a delightful child.

Eleanor will certainly miss being with you everyday. However, you will always remain a part of her as you have played such a critical role in her early formative years.

We appareciate all that you, Khosrow, your mom, and the wonderful assistants have provided. We wish you the very best.

Again, thank you.

Sandy and Ross Simmons

Dear Fereshteh:

After having had three kids in our own in various childcare programs, and sampling various other day care programs over the years, we feel so blessed to have found you & Shadi Academy 7 1/2 years ago when Katie first came to you in fall of 1998. Both our children have been well trained academically and socially; we owe this to you, Fereshteh! Katie did very well leaving you and going into Kindergarten three years ago and now going into 3rd grade is in the top of her class in all subjects. Katie still misses you a lot.

As we had discussed previously, this August comes the time for Thomas to move on to Kindergarten. Although not turning 5 until October, through his pre-testing, his teacher felt academically he is well prepared and wil ldo just fine. Again, we owe this to you. Thomas's last day will be Wednesday, August 9th, 2006.

We don't know where to begin our gratitude for taking care of our children from the time they were babies until they were well prepared to go on to kindergarten. It is every little thing that you do that has made a difference in our children's lives. We have always been impressed by the extra care and love you put into running your academy and it has given us a much appreciated peace of mind knowing this while we are away at work each day. We truly appreciate the calm, loving way you have work with the children, the creativity in all the lessons, and the very positive and safe environment that you provide to all the kids at Shady Academy. It's this care, we believe, is having a lasting and profound impact on how our children are growing and developing.

Best Regards,
Tim and Chris Lindsley

Dear Fereshteh:

Nima and I can never thank you enough for what you have done for Navid and Mitra. You are our angel. My kids received best of the two worlds, comfort of a loving home and the discipline of the best academic school, during the time they were under your care. When Mitra was interviewed for Kindergarten at Stratford School, the principle was so amazed by her knowledge. Navid has been consistently one of the best students in his cslass at Stratford. We strongly believe their success is due to Fereshteh's strong educational program.

Mitra's last day is June 15, 2007. I still remember when I brought Navid to daycare for the first time in June of 1999. Before that I probably had visited aroudn 50 daycares. In Shadi Academy I was so impressed by how clean everything was. I had never seen such happy kids in a daycare. I also remember when I brought Mitra to daycare when she was only 5.5 months. You gave her so much love. After 8 years, it is time to move. I am going to miss you very very much. Mitra has already asked me if she can go back for a visit. Thank you for every thing you have done for us.

Fariba Farahanch

Dear Fereshteh :

It is with some sadness that we have to leave Shady Academy. We are moving to Dallas on June 19th for an exciting new job opportunity, but it means that Naomi, Kent and Tyler will no longer able to attend school with you.

Naomi has been lucky enough to attend Shadi Academy for nearly 3 1/2 years and the twins Kent and Tyler have benefited from almost one year of education. From the minute each child joined, it was obvious how much their academic and social abilities improved. At four years old, Naomi can already perform basic math and reading, not from repetition but from understanding how numbers and language work. She can problem solve with math and English and thoroughly enjoys trying to sound out words when she is at home. She insists that captioning be displayed with her favorite children's television programs, so she can figure out how the more complex words are spelled. Some of this curiosity and pride in learning can be attributed to her own personality, but frankly we believe that a lot of it stems from the challenging and encouraging environment that you create at Shadi Academy.

Kent and Tyler have also shown direct benefits from your academic, artistic and social curriculum. The first few years of a child's development are the most critical for their long term intellectual and social capacity. For that reason, we have carefully searched and selected the right environment to set our children up for success in the future, and Shadi Academy was just such a place.

Because of the great learning that they enjoyed at Shadi Academy, we are compelled to continue that high standard with our move to Dallas. Despite the excellent public school system in Dallas, we are going to enroll our children in a high caliber international private school, where the classes will be conducted in English and French, as well as Spanish and Chinese. Anything less would be a step backward from the exposure and preparation that you have given to them in math, reading, art, and global cultures.

Thank you for helping us to give our children an excellent head start. They are ready for their next stage and our new life in Dallas. We are grateful for helping us get them ready. We are certain that without your help, they would not be nearly as far ahead as they now are.

Eric and Chizuru Winsborrow

Dear Fereshteh and Khosrow,

We would like to inform you, June 20, 2008 will be the last day for Casper at Shadi Academy.

At the same time, we would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the magnificent support and care you have provided for our son for the last Three and a half years.
It was truly a great achievement for Casper and a remarkable experience for us as parents to be part of the Shadi Academy Family.

Throughout the last three and a half years he has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in Math, Writing, Reading, Science, Art, Geography, History, and above all Social skills at a level much ahead of other schools. As a result Casper has become a very responsible, organized, and well-mannered person. He wlll appreciate the skills you have taught him through the rest of his life.

During all these years, we have been very confident about Casper's well-being while he has been under your supervision. That includes delicious, healthy meals and clean, child-friendly, and safe environment. We also know Casper has been always in good hands and enjoyed the special attention and your tender loving care from both of you.

As a parent, we would like to acknowledge and appreciate your professional skills in child care management, your personal touch for caring of each child, and extreme responsibilities you provide every day to the children. Once again, we can not express how much we have appreciated the confidence we have in both of you and Shadi Academy. Our best wishes to both of you.

Sincerely yours,
Aleksandra and Ali Arbabi

Dear Fereshteh,

Namaste! As you already know Arunaabh will be graduating from Shadi Academy on June 30, 2009 with full preparation for starting Kindergarten this fall. It is really hard for us to put all our thoughts and feelings about our association with you adequately over the last 7 years. Sitaran and I cannot begin to express our gratitude for everything you have done for him and his older brother Vishnu (and for us) these last 7 years in preparing them for the 'big boy big girl school' like they put it. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have discovered your academy and the excellent program and curriculum you run, through our friends in 2002.

When we first met you 7 years ago, it was evident in the first five minutes that our child would be in good hands, at an immaculately kept and impeccably and professionally run preschool program. We have never in all these years had any reason to think otherwise or wonder about Arunaabh or Vishnu's safety or well-being at Shadi Academy. At pick up time we have always come back to find them happy, clean and well-fed. We have always been sure that you, along with Khosrow and Caroline have the children's best interests at heart in everything you do and have been constantly surprised by the things Arunaabh knows and does. They are knowledgeable about different countries and cultures, thanks to your program, besides developing a good foundation in science, arithmetic, reading and writing. You have inculcated a spirit of enquiry in them that should help them all through life. We have seen you take more pride and interest in what the children accomplish than almost anyone we know. Arunaabh and Vishnu have developed into smart, kind, curious and confident children under your guidance and we will be eternally thankful to you for that.

We will be visiting India this July to spend time with our parents. Once we return Arunaabh will attend Kindergarten at Challenger School. It is our ardent hope that he will like it and thrive in that environment like Vishnu does. We will miss seeing you everyday, though you may find us showing up at your door out of sheer habit!

We have made a bond with Khosrow and you that we hope to sustain and strengthen. Thank you for teaching and guiding our children with such a firm but kind and gentle hand. We will always be indebted to you. Khoda Hafiz!

Thank you very much
Gayatri & Sitaram Yadavalli

Dear Fereshteh,

Brenden's last day at the Shadi Academy will be Tuesday, August 22nd. We can't thank you enough for providing him with such a safe, warm and loving environment over these past 2 years. Brenden looks forward to coming to the Shadi Academy as you have made your home a wonderful learning institution that is both academic and fun.

I was apprehensive about having Brenden enter into Kindergarten before the age of 5 however after he was tested by his Kindergarten teacher, she felt confident that he was ready to start. In addition, he tested as strong as the 6 year-olds that were entering into the class. Because of your strong academic program and skilled teaching style, Brenden has thrived and developed into a confident boy who loves to learn.

You have also taught valuable lessons in the areas of friendship & sharing, manners and helping others. You have incredible patience and tenacity to instill these important values with 12 kids 5 days a week!

Brenden adores you, Khosrow and Carolyn. Thank you for sharing your love, knowledge, patience and laughter with him. He will never forget you. We feel good knowing that Delaney is now in your care and will benefit in the coming years as Brenden has over these past years.

Thank you again so much for everything.

Jill & Raymond Matthews

Dear Fereshteh,

It gives us great pleasure to write this letter expressing our gratitude to you.

Vivek now turns five, and it is time for him to leave Shadi Academy. I still remember the time when he was in a different childcare place. Every morning, he would cry when dropped off. Many days, he was hungry when he was picked up since no one had checked to see if he had eaten. We were at our wit's end when our neighbor (Chizuru Winsborrow) told us about you. When i visited Shadi Academy for the first time, I was completely blown away - by the cleanliness, the happy smiles on the kids' faces and of course, by how much you genuinely care for the children.

When Vivek started attending your preschool, the transformation was immediately apparent. He went to school willingly and happily every single day. He was well fed during the day. He showed more independence in every aspect - for example, eating and dressing himself in the morning. His development was apparent in every sphere - learning letters and numbers, science, history, geography and general life skills among others. Most of all, he became a very happy, well behaved and social kid.

We are very grateful to you for having taken such personal interest in Vivek's development. You have helped us by identifying areas that needed work. It is very apparent to us that Shadi Academy is not a business for you, but a labor of love.

Vivek will now attend Kindergarten at Stratford school in Los Gatos. At his assessment, the teacher who tested him said "we should pay you to send Vivek here". As parents, it made us proud to hear this, but we also know in our hearts that a big chunk of the credit should go to you.

We wish to thank you, Khosrow and Caroline for all the hard work you put in for the children. God bless you.

Shailaja and Prasenjit

Dear Fereshteh,

It'll be a very hard time for Claire and our family, to leave Shadi earlier than we expected. We have been with Shadi for more than 5 years and it has been kind of Claire and Allison's second home. You've known Claire since she was in mom's tummy. You also guided me for a better way to take care of Claire when she was a little baby, even before she joined Shadi. I still remember how eager Claire was to be part of Shadi's member. She treated herself as a Shadi kid by helping herself entering the center and getting a seat. With our great experience working with you for Allison, knowing how great the environment, the health food, and the education you provide, we of course, put Claire under your care, without any hesitation.

Greater than we expected, Claire has been growing up to be a super smart, very well-behaved, happy, and healthy girl. We were very proud when Claire "blow away" the school's teacher during her kindergarten evaluation interview. She made the teacher concern what to teach her and how to challenge her as she's far above the level! It couldn't have been possible without your day-by-day love, care, patience and education. We appreciate very much your hard work for our kids.

We bid farewell to Shadi, you, Khosrow, and Carolyn. It has been our great pleasure working with all of you. Thank you! We will not be strangers and will definitely stop by and say hello.
Please, feel free to share our contact information with other families and of course, we'll be happy to be a reference whenever you need it.

Thank you again for every thing!
Lili and Yang Liu

Dear Fereshteh and Khosrow,

It is with sadness that we would like to inform you that Edoardo's last day at Shadi Academy will be Friday, June 28th, 2013.

This choice is made because in May we moved to another location of the Santa Clara County, and it became really demanding to continue to bring Edoardo to the Shadi Academy.

We can never thank you enough for the genuine and wonderful care you have provided to Edoardo in the last one and a half year.

He has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and abilities, and above all awesome social skill. Edoardo has learned valuable lessons in the areas of friendship & sharing, manners and helping others.

Daily he has also received loving care, as well as healthy meals, in an always clean and safe environment. At pick up time we have always come back to find him happy, and he never would like to leave to go back home.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have discovered your academy, and we would thank you for helping us to give our children an excellent head start.

Please, feel free to share our contact information with other families and of course, we'll be happy to be a reference whenever you need it.

With love and appreciation, we wish you all the best.

Paolo and Enrica Montini

Dear Fereshteh and Khosrow,

It is hard to believe that we are writing this letter. Five years have flown by but we still remember the first time we visited Shadi Academy. We were blown away by the cleanliness, organization and the meticulous care you provided.

While we are excited that Gautham starts Kindergarten and is now going to go to "big boy" school, it is hard to part with Shadi Academy that has been his second home for the last five years. Gautham has thrived under your care and grown to love you all so much, that he wants to take you with him to his new school.

Shadi Academy has been a lot of fun with wonderful memories of field trips, pajama days, Valentine's Day, Halloween etc. Every little thing he did here — playing basketball, art, reading, sharing toys were shared with us as lovely stories when lie got home. We cannot forget the photos you gave us every six months, which were worth so much as they gave us an image of all the things he talked about.

The discipline and structure he got here are also invaluable and formed a firm basis for his future. We have always been pleasantly surprised by his general knowledge and academic level. At his Kindergarten interview, we could not believe how much he knew and wondered when and how you had taught him so much. The life skills you have given him. such as brushing, cleaning hands, potty training, manners, sharing and being polite, have made him an independent and well groomed five year old.

But beyond it all is the love, affection and loads of fantastic memories we take from here. The feeling that Fereshteh was always there to nurture him like a mother; Khosrow was and will always be the friend who brings a smile to his face and Carolyn who made sure his every need was taken care of will be held very close to our heart.

While Gautham moves on, this is not a goodbye for us. You will always be part of our lives and this is a bond we have made forever. We will be in touch with you at every step of Gautham's future life.

Vidya & Ram

Dear Fereshteh and Khosrow,

Ananya will begin her "Big Kids School' on August 26th. She is excited about the wonderful new world she will be stepping into, but at the same time she is sad that she will miss you and her friends at Shadi Academy. We have the same feelings even though we will continue to be part of the Shadi family.

Back in the summer of 2010, we were elated to learn that an opening had come up at Shadi Academy, and Ananya could go to a place we felt most comfortable with. We had visited several child care facilities, and for us it was an easy decision to make: there was no comparison; we knew we had found the place. Since she was our first born, we were apprehensive about leaving her in someone else's care, but all our worries disappeared very quickly. And when Bhavya was born, we didn't have to agonize over where to send her.

Ananya received excellent care and education at your facility. You instilled in her good values like fairness, kindness and sharing. She knew all about how to be around babies even before Bhavya arrived. She made good friends, and we did too, through her.

We were constantly amazed by all the things she learned at Shadi Academy. She would tell us something that we didn't think she knew, and when we asked her where she learned it, she would say "Fereshteh told me". Of course!

We were all ecstatic when one fine day she picked up a book and started reading it aloud all by herself. She felt a great sense of achievement and we were quite proud of her. Your patience and perseverance while teaching her reading, writing, math and arts has paid off.

Thanks to you, she has become a smart young girl who is ready for the next stage.

We are glad that we will continue to be part of the Shadi family through Bhavya, and that will give Ananya a chance to drop by once in awhile.

Smitha and Jay Kidambi

Hi Fereshteh,

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the hard work and love given by Khosrow, Carolyn and you at this wonderful preschool/day care center. Ria, who is almost 5, and Esha who is now 3 have been coming to your school for 3 and 1+ years respectively, and to this day we have only heard them talk about Shadi Academy excitedly.

Ria will be in Kindergarten this coming August and we wish that she will have as good a time in her school as she does at your school. She can read, write and even do math , all of which she learnt in your school. Her assessment at all Private Schools was very well received and the teachers there were amazed at how much Ria knew. We did not think even for once about putting Esha anywhere else and just like her sister, she is growing to be this wonderfully mannered, curious child. They always tell me about the art, the toys, the games, all their friends whom they love very much - more so, since they have all grown up together at your center. As busy working parents, we are just amazed at how clean your facility continues to be, considering you have so many young kids and toys for them to play with. Plus you teach them a variety of different subjects making sure they have fun learning.

And last, but certainly one of the most important for a child, we cannot say enough about the food and the care that you take in providing them a wholesome diet. That is the biggest concern for most parents and we hope our kids will continue to hold onto their appreciation and intake of fresh veggies, fruits and whole grain foods which you take care to provide.

It gives us great happiness to recommend your center to other parents. We wish for our current close knit group of parents to grow and wish for more parents to experience what you provide for the kids.

With Kind Regards,
Bhavani and Kumar

Dear Fereshteh and Khosrow,

As Varun takes his next steps towards elementary education, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for preparing him with both life skills and academic skills. 'Shadi Academy' has truly been a home away from home for Varun and he has thoroughly enjoyed going here. lie loves that he can learn so much from you and has had great fun be it on field trips, water play, marching bands, or the many hands on learning activities (he was so excited about the life cycle of a butterfly). Shadi has been a truly stimulating environment for him! Our friends are always impressed with the diversity of his knowledge and we have only you to thank for his interest in science, history and geography!

Thanks also for providing such a clean and wonderful atmosphere at the center and the healthy, hearty meals. I often get - 'Why don't you make Pasta like Fereshteh's? It is so yummy!' It is really admirable that you provide organic food and ensure great hygiene for our children.

While Varun is embarking on a new journey, we are immensely pleased that his sister Vedika will be starting at Shadi Academy. Most of all. Varun is extremely excited about being able to meet you both often when he comes to pick her up and tells himself that its going to be ok to go to school!

With warmest regards,
Vanaja & Kaushik

Dear Fareshteh and Khosrow,

Words can't express my gratitude for helping raise my first born, Amelie, during her most impressionable years. You provided her a loving, clean, and fun environment which enabled her to grow into the most wonderful good natured young girl.

We are amazed almost every day at the knowledge Amelie has gained from your program. Beyond the fact that at five years of age, Amelie knows how to read, write, and do math she also has gained knowledge in science, geography, various cultures, and so much more.

I know she will miss your home made yummy food, but most of all she will miss you. In fact, for the last few months Amelie has been a little depressed. When I ask her why she says "I'm going to miss Shadi", but most of all she says "she is going to miss you" all of you. You have become her extended family and ours.

Luckily this is not a goodbye letter...it is a thank you letter. But the words "thank you" do not seem to capture how I truly feel...I feel blessed to have you in our lives.

Here are a few photos, we received from you, to show Amelie's journey through your program. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Valerie and Bahram Sassani